:: bad week? ohyeahhh ::

I had, possibly, the worst week of this school semester. Not only that, i had the worst group assignment experience too. Of which, i had not experience in my previous 3 years of university education. No kidding.

Think it was really God’s grace that made me..not faint to survive yesterday and today after the whole ordeal…since i didn’t sleep nor eat (literally) for 24 hours straight. I could be a doctor :D I’m kidding here.

I could’ve ate my groupmates up. Chewed them. Spit them out. And make them do work in their mashed condition. Grace, indeed.

Anyhoo, passed work up and STILL got late penalty. You tell me la..how to not get upset kan? Right right? Not only has the ‘ordeal’ made me tired and even more panda-eyed, i’ve been reduced to being more cina due to the company i’ve kept for the past 2 days. Ko meng ah. (Help!) See what i mean? =.=

I need to recharge. Or be a hermit. Or ‘sell out’. In no particular order.


One needs to learn how to respond, not react. Even when it kills you…hurts. Even when its unfair…not quite expected. Even when one should/wants to rant…remain silent.

When it rains…it pours.


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