:: sold out? ::

Nah, not really. Thought ‘Sell Out’ was overrated. Give me a Yasmin Ahmad movie anytime. Perhaps my lack of enthusiasm for the show was due to the fact that some ‘important’ stuff was shown in the first 10 minutes into the movie. And i missed it. Hehe. My highlight of the movie : i thought the ‘Money Song’ footages were cool. Otherwise, you should just watch it and conclude your own thoughts on it :)

I’m liking the Posies.

What takes up the space in your life?
Does the sum of the slights hurt?
Sooner or later, love comes inside you, gets behind you,
Takes you under its wing, is it some kind of function?
A reconstruction of what you’ve always been.

-Love Comes-The Posies-

Fascinating, they are.

I’ve been an immature brat for ranting over my week. To everyone, anything that would listen, really. I’m sorry if i bored the ears off some of you :) Rant over. For real. I’m gonna focus on the week ahead now :)


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