:: oh cyber ::

Cyberjaya needs revival. 

And better road signs. 


I discovered one of my deepest fears from today’s ‘adventure’ though. 

I’m afraid of getting lost. Like, seriously. Physically lost…and perhaps, that can apply spiritually as well. I am AFRAID of getting lost and having no sense of direction. The feeling of not knowing where to go (in life), who to call upon (God) and the FACT that i had not enough petrol (strength/Holy Spirit) = that lousy feeling of helplessness. Plus, i lacked sleep and had a headache (distractions). All i wanted to do was go home (and be like Mary). 

Thank God i DID have people to call (leaders/friends). *Thank you, Jack & Kuan Cheen :) 

If it wasn’t because i had *someone in the car with me, i’d prolly had pulled over to the side of the road, cried and gave up. 

I’m so glad i’m home. 

*We really can’t do life alone.


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