:: almost there ::

Had my first paper yesterday morning! Praise God that it went pretty well. Other than the lack of time, furiously and frantically writing my answers within 2 hours, i think, hope and pray that i did well enough :) One more to go. And that would be…the end of my Monash season. 

The thought seems scary, but i’m looking forward to it. I dunno where to go after that, YET, but i’m leaning not on my own understanding. There’s Someone that’s directing my paths. I’m just gonna follow. I haven’t even started looking around for jobs. Pffft. 

I can’t believe how bad the haze is. I miss my sunshiny mornings. Do you remember those mornings where there’s enough sun to make gold patches where the leaves part? The kind where i used to believe that if i were to stand in the gold patch and make a wish, all my dreams would come true. Where it’s bright…and yet, not too hot? The kind that could *almost* convince you to live outside forever? The kind that’ll make you throw your phone and laptop away and say, “I’m Yours for today”. 


Well, i miss them. Very much. 

Note to self : Don’t fall into the ‘disney swirl’. It’s a lie.


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