:: i wish ::

…i could write like this. 

It’s the kind of sleepwalk that never ends. A type of loan with no dividends. It’s a parlour game where you’re giving chase. Guess it could be called an acquired taste. I know, he knows. He calls, i go, i know. This could be an enchantment. Why don’t you tell me i’m forgiven? He calls, don’t know how i fell under his spell. I’m forgiven, lately i’ve been driven. He smiles and i give in – an enchantment. 

Enchantment-Corinne Bailey Rae- 

It’s when i least expect anything…that You come and remind me that You’re full of surprises. Don’t tell me you can’t see what i’m thinking of. 

Then again, it’s times like these that i should be most guarded.


It’s funny how we ask questions we don’t really want answers to. Wise is the woman who keeps her mouth shut. =.=”

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