:: of offerings ::

It’s been an interesting week. Supposedly celebrating my newfound freedom, i guess i’ve yet to do what i’d USUALLY do on a holiday. Have yet to go shopping, or watch movies, or hang out till late night (not that its necessary, but its more to the fact that i CAN), or…randomly making trips to far-off places just to find food. Maybe cause my kaki’s are either working…or…overseas. Lol. Oh well, at least Aileen’s back! And yay! You’re not quarantined. *laughs* 

I’ve been feeling challenged this past week. And…all i can say is that..God had to deal with that. Sooner than later, i suppose :) And i’m..so thankful, that He did not forget me. As i worshipped after last Sunday Evening Service, on my knees…He did NOT forget me. And…once again, i needed that. He’s given me that confidence. He poured out His presence. Jesus didn’t die for me so that i can worry. I’ve repented. If any of you see me worry with regards to a particular matter, you have permission to thwap me with a bamboo shtick. 


I read something which i wanted to share. Something which i was challenged to do in my quiet time. Something which…i’d love to work on. 

The gift of presence is a rare and beautiful gift. To come – unguarded, undistracted – and be fully present, fully engaged with whoever we are with at the moment. Have you noticed in reading the gospels that people enjoyed being around Jesus? They wanted to be near Him – to share a meal, take a walk, have a lingering conversation. It was the gift of His presence. When you were with Him, you felt He was offering you His heart. When we offer our unguarded presence, we live like Jesus. And we invite others to do the same. 

-an excerpt from Captivating-John & Stasi Eldredge-

I’d love to do that. I was challenged…to truly share myself and be totally at ease, NOT thinking about other things when i’m with people, especially with people who…need me to be ALL there. I guess i should be honest to say that i’m naturally a private person (yeah, for a person who BLOGS, i know). And i only share stuff with…a small group of people. However, i was made to realise that…i ain’t gonna glorify God when i don’t speak about what He’s doing in my life. My testimonies are not testimonies until i testify. And…relationships can’t be built…until there’s a foundation of…trust, a little bit of give and take. Thus, i solemnly promise that i will try to give my unguarded presence to whoever it is i am with at that moment. Be it my family, pastors, leaders, friends. There’s a need to focus on people. And God helping me, i’d like to share a meal, take a walk and have lingering conversations with you :) 

God’s challenging me…to offer me.

I’d add a disclaimer…but…i’m gonna assume that this post will be interpreted wisely ;)


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