:: ohmygoodness ::

..it’s July. 

Time moves too fast for my own good. I had a great time at Homes today. 40 people, 9 newcomers. That’s Your doing, God. Breaking out into song in the middle of teaching, it was..refreshing. Don’t know what the homies think, but OH WELL. *I* had fun. Felt like Pr Kenneth when he’s on a roll. Whee. 

Ice Age 3 was hilarious. And Ellie says, “Talk to the trunk.” 

Hanging with new people is refreshing too. As good as a McD’s vanilla milkshake. And talking about Disney with people ALWAYS makes me happy. I’m quite amused at how someone is a fan of Disney soundtracks ;) And is not ashamed. Am very impressed ;)

I’m engraving 2 Timothy 2:14-26 in my heart. 

I’m loving Gravel by Orba Squara. Happy music. Mmmm. 

I’m nuts about you. *laughs* Cute song. I want it. *hint*


Oh, guess who has a new modem? Whee.


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