:: on cockroach alert! ::

I strongly dislike cockroaches. Like, really. BIG ones. Small ones. I don’t care. They’re all despised.

They smell. They scurry. They…should be squashed on. Or whacked repeatedly with rolled-up newspaper. If there was a fryer for cockroaches like they do for flies, i’d buy ten to keep everywhere.

So, it was not very nice to find out that dear ol’ Bobby (my car) had a new inhabitant that only comes out once in a while to give the owner (me) a scare. If the cockroach didn’t have a purpose before, well, now it does, it seems. Because this new inhabitant has lived in my car since…Friday, it is now Monday…and i’m convinced its still lurking around somewhere, i think i shall give it a name. Cockroach shall now be called…Mr Roach. I’m so creative, kan?


First encounter : On the way to pick up one of my huddle girls for our one-on-one meet-up, Mr Roach decided to pop up on my dashboard. And naturally, a normal girl who wouldn’t expect a BIG cockroach in her car, would scream and swerve a little thus, almost hitting another car on the NPE…which, i BET, didn’t have a cockroach lurking around somewhere. *mutters to self*

Second encounter : Yesterday, on the way home from dinner after SES, a friend whom i was supposed to send home spotted it on the passenger seat. And quite naturally again, i refused to drive Bobby until Mr Roach was dead. Or…’freed’. However, despite 3 very nice guys turning Bobby inside-out to look for Mr Roach, the search was in vain. I had to drive my car WITH MR ROACH inside. If you don’t know what its like to drive in a paranoid manner, someone should’ve recorded me on video last night after i sent my friend back home. Sigh.

Today, i turned Bobby inside-out again…took out all his mats, poked in every obscure spot…and stuffed pandan leaves around. Old wives apparently told a tale that pandan leaves scares cockroaches away. And did i find Mr Roach? NO!!! As of now, Bobby is in my front porch…all 4 doors AND boot open for Mr Roach to run out. If that doesn’t work, well, i’m gonna be  Ms Terminator and bring out my trusty weapon, Mr Vacuum.

Now, i’m a very busy woman. And i can’t drive Bobby because not only is it dangerous for ME (might get a heart attack), it is also dangerous for OTHER innocent people (people with heart attack will lose control of car and thus, will surely cause an accident). So, the solution to NOT driving Bobby, thanks to selfish Mr Roach, was…naturally to drive my mom’s car (since she’s resting after her surgery). Oh, for those who knew, thanks for praying!

Anyway, if you see a cobalt blue Honda CRV apparently maneuvering itself around Subang, don’t fear.

It’s probably me.

Sigh. I miss Bobby :(


4 thoughts on “:: on cockroach alert! ::

  1. what happened to your mom??
    and I’d spray the whole car with Ridsect! Reminds me of the time I had Mr. Lizard in my car. Eeeeks. Hopefully, Mr. Roach goes away soon =)

  2. Ben Ji : Haha, yeah. I have limited time to be The Headless Honda.
    Sookie : She had to go for a hysperectomy. Hahhaha..yeps, i remember Mr Lizard.
    Tiffany : Hopefully he did!! :D Thanks for being brave in the car. Lol!

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