:: the littlest things ::

The littlest things made me smile today.

  1. The warm, bright sun.
  2. The no-traffic-jam on the way to work.
  3. Work ending early cause there was no electricity.
  4. Mom making spaghetti for dinner.
  5. Proof-reading CampusREVO mails.
  6. Finding out that Carl Frederiksen’s wife (the grouchy old man of Pixar’s ‘Up’) is named Ellie.
  7. Discussing about where to go in Melbourne with Elder KY and Ee Lin.
  8. Thinking about all the chocolate i can have there :)
  9. Long-awaited time off :)

It’s gonna be You and me, Lord :)


Review of District 9  from a 9-year-old boy :

Me : So how was the movie? What is it about?

Bulat : Oh. About aliens wan. So there’s this man…his name is something lah. He went to this place, District 9 got aliens…and got code name for them wan. They’re called Prawns. Cause they look like Prawns. Then right, he found some special formula that can turn him into alien wan. He accidentally squirted it on himself. Then he also turn into an alien, you know. Then this other man say he’ll come to save the man after 3 years. And then, the man who kena squirted became fully alien.

Me : Uh. *thoroughly confused* Okayyyyy. So…nice anot? So what’s the ending?

Bulat : Like that lah. Sure got District 10 wan.

Me : =.=”

My brother amuses me. A lot. He’d be #10 :)


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