:: greetings from melbourne ::

Just a short update on what i’ve been up to :

#1. I’m really enjoying myself here.

#2. I’ve been eating non-stop. Sudah bulat giler :S

#3. The weather here has been erratic. Sun-shiny and rainy within hours. The clouds here move so fast.

#4. Melbourne is a chocolate and coffee haven. Seriously. They drink chocolate here. Not eat it. AND, i drank more coffee in this 5 days than i have in 6 months. Elder and Jason will be so proud of me :D

#5.  I’m *still* getting used to the transportation system here. I’ve been going the same route everyday…you’d think i know the streets well by now. Oh well.

#6. Penguins are smaller than i thought they would be. Happy (from Happy Feet) are of a different breed. :D Melbourne ones are short and they make quacking noises.

#7. I *love* the wide open spaces on the way to Mt Dandenong & Philip Island. And i saw sheep :D

#8. I had craving for Chinese food today. Had charsiew and RICE. *beams*

#9. Went for 3 services today. 1 in Bridge Church in Richmond and 2 in Planetshakers. I know, old habits die hard? Heh. Quite enjoyed myself. Observed different things and thought…church is never gonna be perfect. No matter how famous. Also felt awkward in being a guest and having to stand up as a newcomer. Heh. Was praying so hard for services back home! Was glad to receive updates. Thank you :)

#10. I miss Malaysia. Some places are awesome to visit. But nothing beats home :)

Happy Merdeka, everyone :)


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