:: the haircut ::

Okay, so i rarely do this. But when i do, i tell the whole world about it. Only so that i can make myself feel better.

So i turned 22 on Sunday. With my long-didn’t-do-anything-for-4-months hairdo.

ellie chua

Yeah. Gembira betul.  So happy, i decided to give myself a birthday treat with a recent angpow. Woots! :D

Photo 22

Meet the new ‘do’. Hello, me.

At first, i didn’t quite like it. Only cause this is the *shortest* i’ve cut my hair since Form 3.

Photo 16

I hope i don’t look too young to work. *grin*

Photo 20

The ultimate ‘long bob’ look. Didn’t have the guts for a ‘short bob’. Hee.


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