:: the ugly truth ::

So i managed to catch ‘The Ugly Truth’ with Elder Shirley. I’m so glad i didn’t watch it with a couple of guys. Lol. Would’ve been MAJOR awkward. I suppose the movie was entertaining…Katherine Heigl’s clothes were awesome, Gerard Butler was oddly attractive. BUT, the values of the movie was just SO wrong. And gawsh, it was so crude!

Girls, don’t shortchange yourselves yeah? You ARE worth it. Don’t believe all the rubbish they show you on the wide-screen. Wide is road that leads to destruction. Heh.


Heading to Taylor’s CF camp in the morning at Peacehaven, Genting. It’s gonna be awesome! Looking forward to meeting new students and seeing new lives changed by God’s presence and Word.

I’m oddly happy right now. Definitely, maybe.


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