:: quiet Saturday nights ::

I love ’em. It’s been ages :)

Randoms :

  1. I’m loving my Colbie Caillat cd. Mmhmm. Perfect for quiet Monday and Saturday nights :)
  2. I love cooking for Homes. I wish i had more time.
  3. 67 people at Homes. 12 new. 1 salvation. Like wow. It’s all You :)
  4. I’m learning not to impose my ideals on other people. There’s only so much i can say. Easier said than done, i’m sure.
  5. I’ve got a thing for hands. I’ve been observing them lately.
  6. Movies i wanna watch : Time Traveler and 500 Days of Summer
  7. I wish there was Koko Black in Malaysia. Oh, iced chocolate. I miss you.
  8. Bobby the Car is in the workshop. I miss him too. Accidents are such mafan things. Especially those that involve more than 1 car. Especially when its a Homes week. Especially when…you least expect it. I quote, “There’s no right time for an accident”. How true.
  9. Friends over boyfriends? Always. What happened to that, i wonder.
  10. I want that testimony. Wait, i shall.

You got me :)

This was never meant to make sense.


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