:: 3 things ::

Just some short updates on what i’m doing lately :

#1. I got a job :) Praise God! Will be undertaking a role as a research analyst in D&B, a financial services company. Am excited, pray with me that this is yet another opportunity to serve with a purpose and shine for Him! And also, to be the best i can be wherever i’m placed.

#2. I got a new toy. Well, not-so-new. Hahaha. My dad didn’t find the Nokia E71 suitable for him and SO, got himself a new phone and passed it down to me! Ah, it’s not an iPhone 3Gs, but it IS a 3G phone. Would be awesomely useful to keep in touch with churchy stuff thru emails if i’m blocked at my new job :D And i can tweet too. Whee.

#3. I’ll be heading down to Acts Singapore this weekend with the worship team!! Woots. Been waiting for MONTHS. It’ll be lovely to finally visit our ‘family’. So excite lah.

Ah, life is definitely good at this point ;)

On another note, i’m totally smitten by a friend’s darling son, Isaiah V. He’s SO adorable. I stole his picture (ie. didn’t ask for permission to post it up). But i just couldn’t resist!!! Tee-hee. He looks like he knows everything.


Bet he cheered YOU up :)

Hmm. I think it’d be really nice, to marry someone with dimples :)

3 thoughts on “:: 3 things ::

  1. DR VINOD. That’s disgusting. =.= I’m no cradle-snatcher ok. Eeeeeeeeesh. But thanks anyway, on the ‘job’ part. Hahahahhahaa :)

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