:: songs from the jiwang kingdom ::

I listened to the entire album as i got lost in The Curve area. Surprise surprise. I’m totally hopeless with directions. But it was worth it tho. Going all the way to The Curve, fulfilling a promise to Mia AND the AYA Choir (sorry for not being able to meet up and hang out!). But ‘songs from the jiwang kingdom’ was totally apt in moments of ‘lost direction’.

I must say, i love the album! It was heartfelt and of course, knowing how much effort and love was put into this, i thought this is Mia’s best yet. Jun’s bits of magic with the electric is AMAZING. Oh, and i just have to say this (and it’s a compliment), Mia AND her band last night are the best people to watch LIVE. I was just in awe.

The entire album is listen-worthy but my current favourite has to be ‘Percaya’. It’s beautiful. I imagine being on a field watching the sunset…with you. And this song would’ve played :) Another favourite is ‘The Tender Hour’. Okay fine. So maybe *i* feel jiwang right now. But i like ok. I wish i could write songs like she does. Mm.

Thank you, Mia, for sharing your beautiful voice with Malaysia. And soon, with the world ;) You inspire me, with your spirit and talent. Those who know their God will do GREAT exploits! My best wishes to you as you venture to Aussie-land! *hugs* It’s been an honor to know and learn from you! Much love.


Mia and i and her spotlight cap :D *laughs*


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