:: being ::

I have much to say. And yet.

Guarding my heart. And actions. Sometimes, words.

Managing my expectations. On people. Tasks. Work.

I pray for rest in God. That in the little i sleep, i’d still be refreshed. Only in You, Lord. Only in  You…I lay down my hopes. My dreams. My days. Have Your way.

In being, the doing flows. How apt is that. I wanna be. Remind me again?

It’s been tiring weeks. But i’m hanging in there. I could rant. And whine. And make a face. But what good is there? It accomplishes nothing. Souls are not gonna be saved. Friends are not gonna be won. And love isn’t gonna spark.

Charting my growth for this year. I imagine more lows than the highs. The good thing? I don’t have to imagine God’s grace that has been sufficient for me. After all, it’s 12 more days till the year ends.

Surely i must’ve done something right?

And then i catch myself thinking once again…it’s not about me. Ouch.


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