:: earth turns slowly ::

This whole week…flew by, without me knowing. Funny how 2010 starts off…’busy’. Work. And more work. Lol! It’s nice having things to do. I never did like being idle but…i’m appreciating the breather tonight. Staying home and filling my calendar with important dates. Thoughts of the day : 2010 is gonna be amazing.

I wanted to write a proper new year blogpost. And i stopped myself for some reason. Guess only You know the plans You have for me this year :)

I have ONE new year resolution though! And that is : To be fully present wherever i am and whoever i’m with. Am inspired once again by Tuesdays with Morrie, on how he dealt and connected with people. And i wanna do that. I find myself daydreaming too often. And i WANT to be fully present.


I’m addicted to Fireflies by Owl City. Overplayed, yes. But as of now, it’s an earworm  i can’t get rid of.

I’d like to make myself believe…that planet Earth turns slowly. It’s hard to say that i’d rather stay awake, when i’m asleep. Because my dreams are bursting at the seams.

I find myself being more guarded than before. Give me time. Maybe i’ll be more ‘fun’ as i learn the art of being fully present. I want to be able to feel like i have something to offer. And perhaps when i learn that, flowing with everyone else should be much easier.

I hope.


I’d love to watch ten million fireflies. Sit on a swing. Wear a flowy green dress. And run barefooted. I feel liberated, just even imagining that i could do all these things. And i think of You. Oh, i love.


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