:: unagi-dom ::

Happy thoughts :

1. Had awesome unagi at Kitassen, Jaya One. And i didn’t have to pay for it. Yay.

2. I finished all my reports on time. With minimal amendments.

3. I had a wonderful Homes training with 15 other precious people. Looking forward to what God is gonna do in 2010.

Emo thoughts :

1. I witnessed a colleague being scolded. Out loud, in front of everyone. And i didn’t know what to do or say. Felt so sorry for her.

2. I woke up feeling like i didn’t wanna go to work. Had the ‘is-there-all-there-is-to-life-God-i-need-You-come-get-me-i-wanna-do-Your-work’ moment.

3. I thought about the things i shouldn’t have said. The things i shouldn’t have done. The things i COULD’VE said and done. And i felt sorry for myself.


Resolution #3 : Stop wearing heart on sleeve.


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