:: sealing the deal #1 ::


My name’s Ellie. And i’d like to share with you my story. I hope even as i share my TIP (Testimony In Progress) on how to get my (your) family saved, i pray that you’ll pray WITH me and be encouraged. Be inspired by this BIG God i serve :) He deserves all the glory as i share this.


Part 1:

Ok, so i’m from a non-Christian family. Am the only believer and HAVE been the only believer since Good Friday 2005. I attend and serve in Acts Church. It’s an awesome church. It’s my 2nd home, 2nd family. I love it :) Come and visit us if you can :) No one can deny the fruits that have been borne and the fruits that will come to be. God is definitely growing THIS House, physically and spiritually and i hope that even as i share my story, you’d like come visit and partner with us one day :)

Since i became a Christian, and since i started becoming more involved in ministry, things hadn’t been working out so great with my family. They didn’t understand why i’d sow so much time in ‘God’, in ‘campus students’, in church. They just didn’t believe in what i believe in and i guess i don’t blame them. Maybe i didn’t know how to explain what i do well. Maybe…i got so frustrated in wanting to explain which always ends up into a draining fight, that, i just gave up sharing altogether.

‘Ah, they’ll never understand’ was the lingo in my head. ‘Let me do what i can do since you won’t listen to what i wanna say’ was the words i chose. Keeping mum was a norm. Not talking back instead of standing up for my faith, well, what can i say? Regrets, i definitely have a few.

I had to deal with a lot. Being a leader, i wanted so much to be an example. Pr Dave, my Campus Pastor, recently challenged us to have our own testimony. One that we can share, and i realised, i never had..that in-your-face testimony where people could get saved with. I wanted that. I asked for it. One thing i DID do, however, despite my so-called ‘rebelliousness’ of just doing what i knew was right, serving and being in church, growing and discipling others, was to pray for my family. I prayed every day. I prayed for their salvation. And i claimed Acts 16:31.


Part 2:

My dad got admitted to the hospital 2 weeks ago. He spent 6 days in SJMC where he was being tested for different illnesses. But basically, the medical report that we got back was that his kidneys is only 27% functioning. His blood pressure was really high. He had apnea, which caused him to wake up in the wee hours of the morning gasping for breath. Basically, he ain’t doing too good. Oh, and he’s been a diabetic for 20 years. Why he finally went to get his checkup was because he had water retention, and other stuff that happens when you no longer have a fully functioning internal filter.

During that whole week, i was challenged to visit him every night he was in the hospital. And i went. Albeit reluctantly 2 out of the 5 days i went. I wasn’t too keen on being alone with my dad. I don’t really know what to say to him when i am. It was more of a ‘How’s work?’ ‘OK.’ That kind of conversation. But i had leaders, homies, friends praying with me and i figured, it ‘can’t be that bad’. So i did. Went pretty well too. Got to hear his heart on certain matters when my best friend visited him with me. Finally understood why he did certain things. He even said he believed i was a good Christian. And i praise God for that :) God was definitely doing something in my dad’s heart. And He got me to overcome one fear. What’s next, Lord?


Part 3:

After my dad got discharged, he went back to work as usual. He didn’t have to go on dialysis yet but he DOES have to change his eating habits and watch his lifestyle. Exercise. And for one week, everything seemed alright.

Then came one Sunday evening after church…i was JUST about to sit down and order dinner with some friends, and my mom called me to go home urgently, saying my dad was talking ‘nonsense’. In other words, he was talking a lot about dying. About giving up. Nothing positive.

I came home to a crying house that night. My mom and 10-year-old brother were just in his room crying and just telling him to stop saying what he was saying. And i honestly, freaked out. This has NEVER happened before. I mean, my dad’s been sick before, but this? This is new. This was scary. He made me feel like he was going to die any moment. And i was holding his hand…and i started imagining life without my dad, and that scared the hell out of me. I didn’t know what to do…so i the only thing i knew how to at that time. I cried out to God. I prayed. Out loud. Holding my dad’s hand. I think i screamed a prayer.

And my dad cried. We started talking, crying. Talking. And i finally, told him to just go sleep. I prayed for God’s peace over him. ‘Everything would be OK in the morning’. I think i was telling myself that, more than i was telling him. I prayed for dad OUT LOUD, WITH HIM for the very first time in five years. Breakthrough #1.


Part 4:

I was completely messed up after that. How could i do all that i was doing unto God when my family didn’t even know Christ? I had a lot of questions i couldn’t answer and I broke down. I called my leaders. Pr Dave came by with a few others, and i just cried and cried. Possibly 5 years of pent-up ‘what i could’ve done’s’ just flooded me all at one time. I thank God for leaders and friends who care. Care enough to make that journey to my house to pray with me. To make sure i was alright. To have the grace to encourage and yet, the law to not spoil me by leaving out the challenge of stepping out in faith.

Pastor challenged me to pray for my dad every morning. With him. Not for him. Another fear. Was tempted to give up, give in. ‘It’s not possible’. My dad will not speak to me again. Lies. Don’t let the devil tell you what you can and cannot do. God can do what YOU think is impossible. He did for me :)


Part 5:

I took the challenge. I prayed. I asked for courage. I asked for boldness. I asked for a sound mind.

This whole week, i couldn’t run away from praying with my dad. I was tempted to, i don’t deny it. I was afraid to, very much. But i also knew that i couldn’t leave the house for work without praying. The Holy Spirit nudging was far too…strong. So, i just blurted out to my dad that i’d like to pray for him before i leave for work while he was taking his blood pressure and stuff.

Guess what? He held out his hand to me and allowed me to pray for him. This was breakthrough #2.

I went to work that morning, crying while singing to A3’s “Always Good”. Texted my leaders and friends at the same time to share the good news and told them to keep praying. I felt that it was time to invite my dad to church again.

God is indeed..so, so good.

Yesterday was Saturday. We had SALT and Pr Kenneth shared about ASK-ing (Asking, Seeking & Knocking) for our breakthroughs. We could be just one question away. We need to ‘seal the deal’. All these words hit like a brick. I texted an invitation to my dad to come to church with the rest of my family at 4.12PM.

I got a reply at 8.13PM.


Part 6:

Today is Sunday. Well, 9 minutes past. My Mac’s battery is at 14%. But i know i couldn’t go to sleep without giving glory to God for all that He’s done and will be doing.

My dad came to church today. With my mom and brother. For a FULL service. From pre-service prayer, all the way to having delicious bread-thingies from Actspresso. They have not accepted Christ YET, but, hey…from my dad who says “No i’m not going to your Hallelujah church. You know i don’t agree with what you do”, to coming and actually ENJOYING service and saying that the message was practical. Well, i’d say that was a 360 degree turn.

I praise God. And i thank every single person who’s prayed with and for me :) I really do appreciate it. I’d appreciate even more of your prayers as i continue to share my TIP for this is definitely not the end.

More to come, definitely. I’m praying they’ll come to church again this COMING weekend. Challenged to buy a bible for my dad and i’ll be doing that tomorrow. Today, really.

Won’t you believe with me? :) God’s gonna seal the deal. I know He will. I pray i’ll be obedient to Pray, Listen & Obey.

“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.” – Acts 16:31

His promises are Yes & Amen. I claim every one of His promises.

4 thoughts on “:: sealing the deal #1 ::

  1. Amen! am praying with and for your family, Ellie! honestly, I was SO thrilled to see your family in church that day..after hearing u share about your family and all for so long, felt like it was my family too..was praying hard throughout the service =)

    can’t wait for seal the deal #2 ;)

  2. Babe, no wonder your status updates have been kinda mysterious. I didn’t know you were going through such a rough time, but I’m glad the end is worth the journey. I teared while reading, and it liquified my eye makeup which went into my eye and I teared even more :P Keep strong, I can see how difficult it is to get the people who matter most to see your point of view. It’s difficult to get even friends to see God, but it never really hurts till it’s family who can’t share the view. Will pray for more to meet God, including youe family.


  3. Hey Ellie! Its a great testimony even if its not completed yet. Praise the Lord for He has worked through you to bless the lives of your family immensely! I’m sure the Lord will continue to touch the hearts of your family (esp. dad) even more and they will eventually accept Christ as their one and only saviour

    I feel encouraged about this too as I want to let you know that after returning to my hometown in JB, my mum told me a few breakthroughs in my family. My dad who previously hardly bothered about church in recent years and had some conflict as well in the church, but he has recently joined the care group my mum is in and enjoys himself and helps with their activities, which is a great improvement from before.

    And my grandma, (who was in a way like your dad before – who had disdain for church), is now more receptive, joining my mum in church sometimes, and in the one time she joined the care group session held at our home recently, she insisted (yes, insisted) on singing along with some Christian songs during the care group’s choir practice (even though my mum said it wasn’t necessary, not wanting to seem like she’s compelling her) which was held after their regular session.

    Theres another one too…but I’ll save that for the next homes =P hehe.

    It might seem gradual or takes a lot of time, but God’s gonna seal the deal for our families!

    Will keep ya in prayer for more breakthroughs to come! Looking forward to the deal sealing!

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