:: prayer in faith ::

God has been so, so good. Amazes me ALL the time :) Mind-blowing weekend, it was. 13th of November is a date to remember.

Read this..and did a double-take. Guess it came at the right time.

It is good that we should have to submit to what we do not understand. It teaches us the law of faith and hope.

It is good that we should have to do what we should rather not, in circumstances not of our choice.

It it good that there should always be something to prick us on, something to remind us that we are in an enemy’s country, belonging to a marching column.

It is good that we should meet with checks and failures in what we undertake, to keep us humble and prayerful.

All these things belong to sowing in tears.

God seems to have laid out the order of things in His Church, not for a general and brilliant triumph but for the hidden sanctification of the individual souls which compose it.

– Jane Erskine Stuart-

It is good indeed that God causes us to learn the same things over and over again. Different verses bring about different meanings to different situations. In knowing that You provide the struggles, is when I cling on to Your promises tightly. These have been my source of staying calm.

I like this quote. “When we have committed a desire to Christ, the desire does not necessarily fade, but it no longer dominates.” How apt. I’ve given this up.

“The nature of faith, is not with the absence of doubt. Faith doesn’t remove the uncertainty, but calls us to live in it”. – Pr Sam Monk

So much of the future is unknown to me. But i trust You. Someone told me that sometimes, God doesn’t give a clear Yes or No, but you just know that He’s there. Holding your hand to lead you through things.

And i feel like that now :) I’m gonna walk with You.


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