:: elliest of ellie’s (part 2) ::

I feel..unburdened.

I am…healing :)

I’m glad this happened. It’s not what i expected…nor what i wanted, but i guess God knows best. He knows what is NEEDED. I’ve forgiven much. Forgotten, maybe not yet. I remind myself that people go through their own journeys. Trying to live according to God’s will. Making decisions that they think is best. I honor that. I want to be able to have a testimony to share with the girls i care for. We all want to respond well and leave a legacy. A good one, let it be.

A 2007 thought:

“I’m not a bit changed-not really. I’m only just pruned down and branched out.The real me-back here-is just the same. It won’t make a bit of a difference no matter where i go or how much i change outwardly; at heart i shall always be your little Ellie, who will love you and everyone else better every day of her life.” Anne of Green Gables, L. M. Montgomery

You’ve known me for so long. As Ellie the new believer. Ellie learning much. Ellie with 12AM curfew. Ellie with 1AM curfew. Ellie the student. Ellie the new YWA. Ellie the choir-girl. Ellie the worship leader. Ellie with new experiences. Ellie who said ‘been there, done that’. Puny Ellie. A lil bit round Ellie. REALLY round Ellie. Ellie who sat still in silence and tears. Ellie who laughed unashamedly. Ellie whose parents are not saved. Ellie whose parents ARE saved. Ellie who struggled with finances. Ellie who had much to give. Ellie who held grudges. Ellie who released grudges. Ellie who believed in you. Ellie who lost you. Ellie who expected much from you. Ellie who learnt to love you despite of. Ellie who hung on. Ellie who let go. Ellie who moved on.

Back to basics. Elliest of Ellie’s. Inside out, growing up. So, i’m a lil fatter and a lil more matured. God has taken me to where i am right now and I’d like to believe i’ve changed for the better. No regrets :)


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