:: holding on to control ::

Song of the Day: Fools Like Me by Lisa Loeb

Thought of the Day: Why?

Sometimes i feel like i’m losing it.

And God reminds me that He is in control. Who am i that You are mindful of me? 


An excerpt from a book i’m reading, A Woman and Her God by Beth Moore:

“…I don’t depend on other people to keep my spirits up. During various stages of life, we will be faced with loneliness and heartache, and we have to learn to prepare ourselves beforehand. In this way, when difficulty arises, we are strong in the Lord, faithful to Him, and we don’t have to depend on others for encouragement. 

You must always focus on the responsibilities in your life at the present moment. Once those are realised and accepted, you will be able to avoid a lot of struggles and dissatisfaction, frustration and loneliness. Focusing on your current responsibilities also prevents you from neglecting the people and things that fall under your care. 

Your life is not on hold. God has a plan for you right now.”


Trying to remain faithful to the Lord in spite of ‘these suddenlys’.

I want to be present.


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