:: save the tree ::

Song of the Day: Rescue by Desperation Band

Thought of the Day: You can’t see something until you PLANT something.

God knows what we need. All the time.

“I will carry on, if you will carry on.”

I want to be GOOD ground, Lord. Not on the wayside, not stony, not thorny, not choked up by the ‘cares of the world’.

I have the responsibility to guard my own heart. Away from offense and deceit. Away from hurt. I think i forgot briefly, for a time, why i do what i do. Why i keep going the way i do, despite not having time to myself to ‘mourn’. Maybe that’s why this lil’ bursts of sadness and rhyme. The thoughts are fleeting, but the memories stay. Worse, they stick to you.

This world has nothing for me…i will follow You. Won’t You capture me with grace….


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