:: letting go ::

Song of the Day : Curious by Holly Brook

Thought of the Day : Out of sight, out of mind.

This isn’t an ideal situation. But for this season, i will do the necessary. Even if i occasionally relapse and let my mind wander…

I find myself having conversations with you. Asking questions you never could give me answers to.

I’ve put my theories to the test
You know i’ve tried to do my best
But maybe we weren’t meant to strike gold
Sometimes things that you ignore
Are all the things i’m looking for
Will i learn to let go
Give into love and listen to my soul

I’m so
Damn curious to know
And there are too
Many unanswered questions
That we hold on to

I’m not going to put my life on hold while you find out what you want. As much as it irks me to remind myself how 2 years is gonna be just a *blip* in my memory…one day, i will forget how much you meant. How central you were to those memories.

Here’s to God’s best. For you and me.

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