:: day #2 ::

Song of the Day : Things I’ll Never Say by Avril Lavigne

Thought of the Day: Sometimes, bombs fall quietly.

There’s a part of me that just feels stuck. If only there’s an ‘undo’ button instead of just a ‘reset’.

But if God says “reset” and “rest”, then OK. Let’s do that. It is the flesh that needs to come into submission. So keep calm and stay still, Ellie. No need to ‘just do’ things. You can fidget, but hold your tongue. Be thankful for:

1. Family. They’re still there even when you’re hardly at home. And they don’t get mad when you sneakily use your credit card to pay for petrol on ‘those days’ and forgot.

2. Friends. They make you laugh and squeal. And drag themselves out to watch late night movies with you coz that’s the only time you have left to do these kinda things. Plus, they love all things coffee, chocolate & commonly happy.

3. Job. You have one. Even if you’re still unsure if you should stay.

4. Ministry. You love what you do and you have 11 precious girls in your huddle. 1 more and you’d be just like Jesus. (ha.ha.ha.) Joking.

5. Sanity. Your head is still screwed on tight. You still know what’s right and wrong. What boundaries are. Someone somewhere knows exactly how you feel…so could this be the day that you take your eyes off the crowd, out of the blue? That someone’s looking right back at you. She’s not perfect but she still thinks there’s too many reasons not to try.

We’re heading into our 50th year with Malaysia’s formation come September 16th. The year of jubilee is one of God’s gracious provisions for His people, especially the poor.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matt 5:3

There’s still so much to learn. We must prepare well.

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