:: 35 of life’s simple pleasures ::

Song of the Day: Somewhere Out There by Our Lady Peace

Thought of the Day: I need to guard my thoughts.

God is evident in the simplest of pleasures. Here are just some things that make me tingle with happy spasms. In no particular order. What are your simple pleasures? :)

  1. Balloons. Of random colors. For random reasons.
  2. Rocky sticks. The perfect arvo snack.
  3. Chocolate. All kinds. At any time.
  4. Looking at the sun through trees. There are rays we haven’t caught yet.
  5. The smell of rain.
  6. A hot cup of milo.
  7. Curling up in a granny chair with my leg swinging off an arm, and a good book.
  8. Huge windows. And a view.
  9. The day your pay cheque is not floating anymore.
  10. Lying in bed with freshly washed sheets.
  11. Bobbing in the car to nineties music, and being able to recite them one after the other.
  12. Spontaneous adventures. To anywhere, including a sushi store.
  13. The smell of coffee and freshly-baked somethings.
  14. Laughing so hard at something that you cry. Or, laughing so hard that no noise comes out.
  15. When plans you didn’t want to attend get canceled.
  16. Late night/early morning conversations with good friends.
  17. The adrenaline after watching a midnight movie.
  18. Night time drives. Just you, good ‘drive music’ and clear roads.
  19. Random handwritten notes/postcards/letters.
  20. Finally lying in bed after an exhausting day.
  21. Surprise desserts. Chocolate mud pies are…bliss.
  22. Making babies and little kids laugh, or holding their hand.
  23. TIcking off checklists.
  24. Getting lost with time to spare. I miss wandering through quaint streets.
  25. Drive-through pick-me-ups. Coffee/ice cream/soya bean.
  26. Recognising a familiar/favourite scent off someone or something.
  27. Finding money in my jeans pocket. Or anywhere else, really.
  28. Waking up, and realising its a Saturday morning with more sleep time left. *no need for the snooze button*
  29. Catching girlfriends for brunch or tea.
  30. Visiting a home decor store. There’s a thrill in building my house o’ dreams over and over again.
  31. The smell of good, coffee beans.
  32. Big breakfasts.
  33. Receiving a gift of something i casually mentioned i wanted and being surprised.
  34. Eating sliced apples with chunky peanut butter.
  35. Going to a book sale.

These are of course, non-exhaustive. Will add on as i go along :)


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