:: 2013 ::

As i sit and type the very first post for 2013 in my spankin’ new granny wing chair (will post pics later > i love it!!!), i’m really quite contented with how 2012 ended and how 2013 begun.

So, how did i spend my first 2 days of this brand new year?

  1. Brunch with awesome people :) With good food and coffee (that’s always a good start!)
  2. Cleaning up my room. Theme: no clutter, no unnecessary baggage/rubbish. Make room for new things :)
  3. Dinner with family & good friends :) People to invest in.
  4. Watch White Collar. Oh, i swoon at Neal Caffrey. I’m getting what sort of people i’m attracted to.
  5. Going to work with new vision & new aim. Despite being car-less (possibly till CNY), i have much to thank God for.

I smile today because i know God has AMAZING things in store for the next 363 days left of 2013. I’m excited to watch everything unfold. ‘Perception drives reality’. Therefore, if my perception is amazing, may it spill over to my reality.

Have a fantastic year ahead, friends. It’s gonna be uh-mayyyyyy-zing!


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