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We’re all responsible for the choices we make. Even who we love is a choice that we make. ‘Love is not a feeling—it is an act of valuing others as much as we value ourselves.’

Read an interesting article here.

It’s been a very interesting couple of weeks. One thing happened after another and its really a state of busy-ness that i’ve been trying to avoid. Someone once told me that if you’re too busy to do life with others, you’re just TOO busy. Was trying really hard not to get there but y’know, work stuff + ministry stuff + family stuff + huddle stuff, its inevitable that all i would rather do is crawl into bed when i reach home past 11pm every night.

But, what this can only build is the stamina and drive to only do more. Expand capacities. And i realise, i definitely can handle more things with better spirit. Now, to get the girls im leading to do the same. That proves a greater challenge.

Growing up, i don’t like being restrained. And i definitely rebelled if i did not understand why NOT doing something is better than if i did. But when i grew older, i learnt how strength is built within restraint. ‘Without vision, the people cast off restraint.’ Today, i’m learning to share a vision together with my leaders of wanting our people to leave a legacy when they make decisions. And it’s sad when they get so ‘into’ something that they forget who it is they’re supposed to be accountable to and well, decisions are already made. Resulting in you being informed rather than being asked of an opinion.

I just pray that choices made were God-led and that if things do not go the way they want it to, the blame is NOT on God. You made the choice. Have the responsibility to own up to it. People taken for granted, money is lost, time is wasted and hearts get broken. By choice. It’s no one’s fault, really. But its definitely not God’s.

I pray that people will learn how to take responsibility of their own faith. And learn that they have the option to choose to leave a legacy in the decisions that they make.

Or not. It really is entirely up to them :) And you can only work with what they give you.

Here’s to letting the kids learn how to jump off the nest and fly. We love them anyway :)

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