:: oh july ::

Omg. It’s 1 July 2013. Already.

Half a year went past in just a blink of an eye! Haven’t had much to update about since the state of busyness has not changed. But meeting people. Definitely meeting and getting to know people.

Challenge for this season:

1. Build deep.

2. Build wide.

3. Mature.

4. Grow up. 

Looking to disciple more girls under my care. Who will have deep relationships with God and myself. And who in turn, will invest into the House by sowing into others. To do life with strangers until they become daughters! How timely for this season! And oh so short this season would be. 6 months to raise up a fresh new batch of leaders. By God’s strength, we can!

Am choosing to invest even though the ‘returns’ seem bleak. Am choosing to move forward even though others choose to remain stagnant. Last but not least, am choosing to learn in submission than just to prove that ‘i am right’. It’s sad to see those you’ve invested in thus far, grow and change into something you did not intend for them to be. And if that’s what happens, choose to invest in another and try again.

People change.

People disappoint.

Such is life.

But God has intended times and seasons for us. May the light of God and the power of the Holy Spirit shine through us all. Ah God, needing your wisdom. Season my words with salt please.


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