:: daily observations #1 ::

I decided i’d note down things to remember. Things i felt. Things that God spoke to me.

Little things, big things.

So today, i observed how freshly baked things bring this bubbly kind of joy. Mom was baking shepherd’s pie early in the morning and it really was quite thrilling, seeing it bake in the oven.

I also observed that people don’t often say Thank You. I wonder why is that. Such a simple thing to say and yet, its as if the words weigh in gold in people’s mouth. Well, i don’t want to be such a person. So, here’s some things i’m thankful for:

  • A certain someone rushed out t-shirts just so my boss could take 9 pieces to Surabaya. Thank you :)
  • A lovely girl opened her house for water baptism class even though she wasn’t exactly part of it. Thank you :)
  • I finally got to serve hot chocolate to a group of girls that enjoyed it. (even if the milk tasted wonky in the first round heheheheh). Thank you for last year’s Christmas gift :)
  • A very precious lady shared her heart with me on her dreams and her thoughts on life. What a joy it is to do life together! And how refreshing it is to hear someone else’s voice, instead of my own. Thank you :)

Here’s the beginning to my daily observations. May we grow to be more thankful that life is worth living. Every single day.

And because its worth living, the least we can do is to BE alive :)


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