:: you know me ::

Despite the ‘letting go’, i gotta admit its a conscious effort. The intentionally not wanting to know. The intentionally ‘moving away’. It helps, i suppose. To not see what you don’t need to see.

In this season of pruning, may the bad stuff be removed and the good stuff remain to flourish.

Got many things to be excited for! Revo PARTY, Campus Camp, Family Day, heading to India for sister’s graduation, East Malaysia’s RE:Union in Miri…and this is only till March. And this is only just the ‘events’. But the many more ‘doing life’ with different ones. To groom my huddle and let them be the best that they can be. To take up the challenge to groom ONE more. To being a better person myself and focusing on the things that do matter.

Oh, and to most definitely, not be distracted. To not be bitter or resentful, and to allow things to be status quo, gawsh, i guess that’s the hard bit.

God, i submit again.

“And nothing is hidden from Your sight,
Wherever i go, You find me…
You know every detail of my life,
Cause You are God and You don’t miss a thing.”

I believe you only have greater days ahead of me. And the very best one just waiting to find me.


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