:: honest thoughts ::


That’s all i can say. 

I need to take the time to run through the rain. But so many things demand for my attention. I can’t even. Begin. 

To some, it may seem as if i’m running away. But y’know what, i don’t really give two hoots what others think anymore. 

I please no one but my audience of One. Wherever possible, i hope i encourage another to do the same. But if they don’t, well, they are responsible for their own faith. No longer will i waste my attention nor efforts to babysit someone else. Lord, we need to see faithful Christians. Who don’t just say they would like to BE, but end up only DOING. I find myself there sometimes, and i too, repent. Let us not stay there.

It’s time to grow up people. So grow. 

‘Hardship’ is not…managing ministry and completing assignments anymore. Or having to decide if late brunches are worth sacrificing for community work. We gotta be setting our priorities right. Even if that means giving up a little bit of personal comfort. Trust me, God rewards. In ways you can never imagine. 

I’m frustrated. Because you still don’t get it. I can’t even. End. 

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