:: bring on the lemon parade ::

I’ve been rather hooked on Tonic’s ‘Lemon Parade’ album. Just brings back so many memories of being young…and carefree. I loooooooove the nineties.

I wish I’d seen you as a little girl
Without your armor to fend off the world
I would have kept you underneath my wing
I would protect you from everything
Make way for the lemon parade
Make way for my girl
Make way for the lemon parade
Make way for my girl
Did the boys all tease you when they had the chance
Always left standing when it came time to dance
Did you hide behind your books girl
Did you find your secret friends
Always I’ll want you
Always ’till the end
Make way for the lemon parade
Make way for my girl
Make way for the lemon parade
Make way for my girl

It’s been awhile since i wrote something but life’s been moving along. A little too fast for my liking. But i thank God that this life is to be lived anyway. I’m thankful and glad.

Revelation of the day:
Been pondering about something Elder PH mentioned at service yesterday. Those stories where Jesus did miracles in the book of Mark for example? He always told the person he redeemed/ healed/ rescued…to not tell anyone about what He had done. It’s because Jesus wanted people to know Him. Not what He can do. Without prior knowledge to what we can receive from Him, He offers us the privilege to know who He IS, and who WE are in Him. We can only pray the will of God when we know who He is through His word. Totally. Blown. Away.

The revelation i caught? Jesus prolly didn’t want people to know what He had done for the others because then there’s this expectation of what He can do or has done before. Talk about managing expectations if Jesus decided to heal you differently. Or took His time about it. Or deciding not to at all. I’d like to believe Jesus liked giving surprises. Like turning water into wine. No one likes reading the ending of a story before going through the entire book. We humans constantly ruin it for ourselves. Our part is to pray. Our story is the journey through those praying times. Time and time again, Jesus just proves that it’ll be worth it. If only we would wait.

Definitely upping in prayer. Amazing how when we decide to do something, like praying more, encouragements come in oh, so many forms :) I’m waiting.


Hello you. I’d like to get to know you. Would you spend some time to do the same? :)

Can’t wait to dive this weekend. I’m in need of some me-time. Maybe then this curiosity will loosen its hold. Distraction after all, is the best way to turn something off. I’m going to try distracting myself by praying :)

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