:: decisions ::

Decisions, decisions.

God, Your leading please. I will wait.

An excerpt from Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person:

The person who is best suited to us is not the person who shares our every taste (he or she doesn’t exist), but the person who can negotiate differences in taste intelligently — the person who is good at disagreement. Rather than some notional idea of perfect complementarity, it is the capacity to tolerate differences with generosity that is the true marker of the “not overly wrong” person. Compatibility is an achievement of love; it must not be its precondition.

I suppose i’ve always erred on the idealistic side. I also want my first to be my last. And i also have imaginations aplenty on how my ‘ideal’ should look like. But it’s been awhile. I’ve grown to be comfortable, and contented, being on my own.

But to be generous, and kind. And patient. With someone else. I need to learn.

And the irony is that, these things are also what i’m looking for.

I want you to stop planning, stop wishing, and allow Me to give you the most thrilling plan existing, one that you cannot imagine.

I want you to have the very best. Please allow Me to bring it to you.

You just keep watching Me, expecting the greatest thing, keep experiencing the satisfaction that I AM, keep listening and learning the things I tell you, 

you just wait, that’s all.


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