:: resonance ::

To be one with whom my heart resonates with.

People who don’t know me prolly won’t understand why i make the decisions that i do. My family, included.

What goes beyond the rational, seems to be ‘too much to ask for’. No, my standards are not too high. And no, i’m not being picky or fussy or hard to deal with. Yes, a person may have a stable job, a nice house, serves in the House of God and oh, he’s nice…and for most people, this is a rare find. But for some reason, it wasn’t enough for me.  It just didn’t…resonate. There was no spark. I would be short-changing this person if i were to agree just because ‘everyone else’ thinks it’ll be a great match.

And i know me. I know that when i find that person, or if he were to find me, something would click. What happens then to the one that i had agreed with out of fear of being single for the rest of my life? I have faith that God has His best for me. It may be this person, it may not. Having faith, after all, is not in the absence of fear, rather, in spite of. I do not regret my decision. I quote my pastor for sharing, “I’d rather be single than to be married to the wrong person.”

I just want someone who resonates with me. Just one thing he says and does that will resonate my being with conviction and admiration. Someone i can look up to and have mutual respect for. Someone i can be the best of friends with.

I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

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