About Her

Hi! I’m Ellie. On paper, i’m Eleanor. But generally, Ellie is good.



I am…

Many things. I’m trying to live life the best i can. Sometimes life throws me lemons, and i try to squeeze as much juice out of it as i can. Malaysian bah. Gotta get the best deal of what’s offered right?

A person. Christian. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Car singer. Granny-chair reader. Annual diver. Shiny-face eater. I stalk people with dimples.

I love…

Eating. Singing. Daydreaming. I can eat ice cream and chocolate everyday. Does that help? I’m very into food, books, scents, travelling. I write about these things sometimes. I enjoy laughing. I try to do it often. Oh, and i love doing new things. And sometimes, i write about them too. Writing’s kinda therapeutic for me. Like washing dishes. Strange, i know.

Why “fragile things”?

“It seemed like a fine title for a book of short stories. There are so many fragile things, after all. People break so easily, and so do dreams and hearts.” – Neil Gaiman

You look like you’ve got a story too. Don’t just read mine, i’d love to know yours.

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