:: decorate ::

Song of the Day: Decorate by Yuna

Thought of the Day: I want to watch Avengers. 

So i just came back from a both encouraging but tiring YWA getaway. The Word was really good. Every single session hit home. But i guess i could’ve used with some time to breathe. To let things sink in.

Feels weird to act like nothing happened around you…

So many things i’d like to share about what i’ve caught.

Aku akui cemburu. Even though i know they mean nothing to you. 

What a waste of time. To spend time awake replaying so many things that i know won’t change. Because i can’t turn back time.

So you decided to see me out of the blue
Should I let you come over
I think you’re doing fine
That girl in your arms
Does she know where you come from

Almost made me move out of town
You don’t want me to be around
But I stayed anyway
Just in case

Finding reasons to hate you more than before
Like how you said you would call
But never at all
Got rid off your number that I know by heart

You left your things at my place
As if I have all the space
Cause you know I don’t mind
Just come back when you think it’s time

I’m all black and white inside
Monotonous from left to right
I decorate my house with things you love
Just in case you show up
In case you show up

I’m waiting. For something to change between us.

:: begin again ::

Watched ‘500 Days Of Summer’ after all the hype by BenJi.

I quite enjoyed the movie. I say quite…only because i didn’t quite like the girl. She can’t possibly be representing half of the world human species. I’d be greatly insulted. One does not seduce a man…do everything possible (before marriage), create beautiful memories with a man she KNOWS feels more for her than she does for him….and then says, “You’re still my best friend”.

Dudeeeee, that’s wrong. And terribly misleading. I feel for you guys, should you have…similar experiences. Encouragement : God is into second chances :) And, these sorta girls are…exceptions. Not the general rule, i hope.

But the movie was beautiful. I enjoyed how they shot it, moving backwards and forwards. Sorta reminds me of the way we think sometimes when it comes to relationships, doesn’t it? You think about the future when you’re with ’em. And then, you think about the past when it’s over. Non-linear thinking, indeed.

Despite it being that way, it was easy to understand. Loved the black and white bits. The ‘expectations’ and ‘reality’ bit. The random musical dance bit.


And of course, Zooey Deschanel’s clothes are AWESOME. I’m totally into collared dresses with sash now. Oh, so vintage. I’m gonna go get one. Whee :D Oh, and the soundtrack’s pretty awesome too. The Smiths, Hall & Oates and Temper Trap? Yeah, baby. And the fact that they had ‘Please, please, let me get what i want’ playing (previously played in ‘Never Been Kissed’ prom king & queen dance moment)…that got me.

I love soundtracks. So sue me.

So yes, i *quite* liked the movie. It’s prolly up your street too :)


On a random note, I’m totally into Colbie Caillat’s “Begin Again”. Such a happy song. Okay, so the lyrics are not too happy. But, the happy tune! It sticks in your head. The contrast makes it interesting. Not so happy lyrics + happy tune = happy ME!

Oh this is not the way that it should end
It’s the way it should begin
It’s the way it should begin, again
No – I never wanna fall apart
Never wanna break your heart
Never wanna let you break my own
Yes – I now we said a lot of things
That we probably didn’t mean
But it’s not to late to take them back
So before you say you gonna go
I should probably let you know
I never knew what I had
I never knew what I had.

Yes, i’m kinda weird that way.

:: the ugly truth ::

So i managed to catch ‘The Ugly Truth’ with Elder Shirley. I’m so glad i didn’t watch it with a couple of guys. Lol. Would’ve been MAJOR awkward. I suppose the movie was entertaining…Katherine Heigl’s clothes were awesome, Gerard Butler was oddly attractive. BUT, the values of the movie was just SO wrong. And gawsh, it was so crude!

Girls, don’t shortchange yourselves yeah? You ARE worth it. Don’t believe all the rubbish they show you on the wide-screen. Wide is road that leads to destruction. Heh.


Heading to Taylor’s CF camp in the morning at Peacehaven, Genting. It’s gonna be awesome! Looking forward to meeting new students and seeing new lives changed by God’s presence and Word.

I’m oddly happy right now. Definitely, maybe.

:: i wait ::

I sometimes wonder if this readiness, this expectation, prevents the miracle from happening. But i have no choice. He is coming, and I am here. – Clare Abshire, The Time Traveler’s Wife

I wonder too.


I get too caught up in books, sometimes. C’mon, Ellie, back to the real world.

Got lost on the way to KL today, was late 5 minutes for my interview because i got lost *in* Central Plaza too…it wasn’t the best of days, i admit. But yet will i praise Thee. Who am i..who am i…who am i…

…that i should wait for Thy best. I don’t want to search. I want to be found.

One day i’ll say, ‘…i waited for you, and now you’re here.’

I’m hopeful. Still.

:: the littlest things ::

The littlest things made me smile today.

  1. The warm, bright sun.
  2. The no-traffic-jam on the way to work.
  3. Work ending early cause there was no electricity.
  4. Mom making spaghetti for dinner.
  5. Proof-reading CampusREVO mails.
  6. Finding out that Carl Frederiksen’s wife (the grouchy old man of Pixar’s ‘Up’) is named Ellie.
  7. Discussing about where to go in Melbourne with Elder KY and Ee Lin.
  8. Thinking about all the chocolate i can have there :)
  9. Long-awaited time off :)

It’s gonna be You and me, Lord :)


Review of District 9  from a 9-year-old boy :

Me : So how was the movie? What is it about?

Bulat : Oh. About aliens wan. So there’s this man…his name is something lah. He went to this place, District 9 got aliens…and got code name for them wan. They’re called Prawns. Cause they look like Prawns. Then right, he found some special formula that can turn him into alien wan. He accidentally squirted it on himself. Then he also turn into an alien, you know. Then this other man say he’ll come to save the man after 3 years. And then, the man who kena squirted became fully alien.

Me : Uh. *thoroughly confused* Okayyyyy. So…nice anot? So what’s the ending?

Bulat : Like that lah. Sure got District 10 wan.

Me : =.=”

My brother amuses me. A lot. He’d be #10 :)

:: really? ::

Verbal ability is a highly overrated thing in a guy, and it’s our pathetic need for it that gets us into so much trouble. – Becky, Sleepless In Seattle

That can’t be true. 

You don’t want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie. Ah. 


On another note, I think it’s totally possible to make good, clean and romantic movies. Really. 

Yes, i *am* a fan of Sleepless in Seattle. And a sucker for romantic movies. Verbal ability could very well be…Kryptonite to me in this time of day. I fear i may have too-high expectations. Oh well.

:: ohmygoodness ::

..it’s July. 

Time moves too fast for my own good. I had a great time at Homes today. 40 people, 9 newcomers. That’s Your doing, God. Breaking out into song in the middle of teaching, it was..refreshing. Don’t know what the homies think, but OH WELL. *I* had fun. Felt like Pr Kenneth when he’s on a roll. Whee. 

Ice Age 3 was hilarious. And Ellie says, “Talk to the trunk.” 

Hanging with new people is refreshing too. As good as a McD’s vanilla milkshake. And talking about Disney with people ALWAYS makes me happy. I’m quite amused at how someone is a fan of Disney soundtracks ;) And is not ashamed. Am very impressed ;)

I’m engraving 2 Timothy 2:14-26 in my heart. 

I’m loving Gravel by Orba Squara. Happy music. Mmmm. 

I’m nuts about you. *laughs* Cute song. I want it. *hint*


Oh, guess who has a new modem? Whee.

:: show me ::

God’s been revealing some of the struggles in my heart.

Trying to balance school and ministry. Church and friends. It’s not easy merging them all together. As much as i want to. After getting over my brief moment of ‘resentfulness’ for not being able to go for a gig due to a last minute practice, i’m reminded how i should never put God second. Why start now kan? Utterly surrendered, i must be.

Another lesson i learnt as i got miffed/irritated by a person.

‘Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.’ – Ephesians 4:2

Bearing with one another in love = Making allowances for our faults with love.

That person prolly has his own stuff to deal with. Ah, i am humbled. Much to learn, indeed. And i pray i’ll never STOP learning. He honors those who honor Him. Hang in there, you :)

P/S : I totally enjoyed Monsters vs Aliens in 3D. Go watch! :)

:: sold out? ::

Nah, not really. Thought ‘Sell Out’ was overrated. Give me a Yasmin Ahmad movie anytime. Perhaps my lack of enthusiasm for the show was due to the fact that some ‘important’ stuff was shown in the first 10 minutes into the movie. And i missed it. Hehe. My highlight of the movie : i thought the ‘Money Song’ footages were cool. Otherwise, you should just watch it and conclude your own thoughts on it :)

I’m liking the Posies.

What takes up the space in your life?
Does the sum of the slights hurt?
Sooner or later, love comes inside you, gets behind you,
Takes you under its wing, is it some kind of function?
A reconstruction of what you’ve always been.

-Love Comes-The Posies-

Fascinating, they are.

I’ve been an immature brat for ranting over my week. To everyone, anything that would listen, really. I’m sorry if i bored the ears off some of you :) Rant over. For real. I’m gonna focus on the week ahead now :)