:: and so i thank You ::

It’s so funny…reading the ‘popular’ blog posts on my blog that WordPress keeps track off. Most of them had everything to do with me thanking God for my exam results.

What have you people been googling??? *laughs*

Anyways, in true Ellie-fashion, i suppose i MUST do another one. The final, final one. A Monash student i am, no longer. All by the grace and mercies of God. I passed my last finance paper which i thought was a sure-fail. I didn’t even finished the paper. But God gave me more than i asked for. Which was more than enough. And i got a Distinction for the other paper. God’s too good to me. On September 5th, i will take up my scroll with a testimony that God has given me. I honestly can’t wait! :)

‘Ancient Skies’ by Michael Gungor has been on loop since results were out. You have never changed, Your love is endless and Your mercy has remained through all the ages, You shine so bright. Nothing can compare, You made the heavens and Your glory fills the air through all the ages, You ride ancient skies. You’re amazing. Psalm 34 is so apt to describe how i feel right now.

To all of you who prayed and believed with me, thank you :) You guys have encouraged and inspired me.

Now, keep praying that i land myself a job that God wants me to be in. Heh. I’ve had my head in the clouds way too often for my own good. It’s time to come back to Earth.

On another note, Marley & Me (the book) made me cry. Darn it. When i grow up (hahaha), i want a family with a nice, big doggie. Let’s just say its an unfulfilled childhood dream, okay? ;)

:: overwhelmed ::

…..is an understatement. 

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us…” – Ephesians 4:20

I passed my exams :) To Him be the glory. 

:: it is finished! ::


No more stinkin’ presentations and 3500-word boring reports that i’ll never read or do again for a long long time.


What’s left…

  • MGW1100 Final Paper on 10th June @ 8.30am, seat no.324 in Room 6303
  • AFW3331 Final Paper on 16th June @ 8.30am, seat no. 025 in Exam Hall

REVO Conference smacked right before it! Woots!

Ooooooh. Guess what? :D

I’m expecting a baby in June. How’s that for a controversial end for a post? :D I’m gonna look at my ‘baby’ as a testimony tho! Ask me! Ask me! :D

:: hokey pokey ::

You put your right foot in,
You put your right foot out;
You put your right foot in,
And you shake it all about.
You do the Hokey-Pokey,
And you turn yourself around.
That’s what it’s all about!

I dislike group work immensely. Or maybe, it’s just *this* group. Lord, grant me patience. *balls fists in annoyance*



:: bad week? ohyeahhh ::

I had, possibly, the worst week of this school semester. Not only that, i had the worst group assignment experience too. Of which, i had not experience in my previous 3 years of university education. No kidding.

Think it was really God’s grace that made me..not faint to survive yesterday and today after the whole ordeal…since i didn’t sleep nor eat (literally) for 24 hours straight. I could be a doctor :D I’m kidding here.

I could’ve ate my groupmates up. Chewed them. Spit them out. And make them do work in their mashed condition. Grace, indeed.

Anyhoo, passed work up and STILL got late penalty. You tell me la..how to not get upset kan? Right right? Not only has the ‘ordeal’ made me tired and even more panda-eyed, i’ve been reduced to being more cina due to the company i’ve kept for the past 2 days. Ko meng ah. (Help!) See what i mean? =.=

I need to recharge. Or be a hermit. Or ‘sell out’. In no particular order.


One needs to learn how to respond, not react. Even when it kills you…hurts. Even when its unfair…not quite expected. Even when one should/wants to rant…remain silent.

When it rains…it pours.

:: longer days ::

Don’t you think the days are longer than the nights lately?

I love the sun. Not so much the heat. But i do love the sun. I make my peace with sunshiny mornings. Its these times that i’m left by myself to be quiet. When i’m awake enough to pay attention. Dazed enough to not be bothered about the ‘cares of the world’. It’s when I let my walls crumble slowly, that more Sun can come in.


Life’s been like a carousel lately.

As fun as it is, i’m frustrated with going around in circles. Slowly. Maybe a lil’ speed might help. Or perhaps, a ‘change of tune’ on the carousel playlist. Yeah, maybe that’ll do.


Things left to do :

  1. AFW3331 Mid-sem Test [Done!]
  2. AFW3331 Individual Assignment [Progress : Completed]
  3. MGW1100 Group Assignment [Progress : 50%]
  4. MGW1100 Group Presentation [Progress : 0%]
  5. MGW1100 Final Paper on 10th June
  6. AFW3331 Final Paper on 16th June

The end of school is closer than i think it is.

:: yay for extensions! ::

I just caught Mermaids on TV. I shouldn’t be watching TV at all, but…*shrug*. It’s a little on the sesat with the whole ‘religious’ side of things. But, the soundtrack. Ahhhh..i love the late 80’s/early 90’s. I mean, seriously, who listens to Cher nowadays?? Even though i’m rather selective with her songs, she certainly is one of the more ‘memorable’ singers of that era. I bet you’ve never even HEARD of “If You Wanna Be Happy” by Jimmy Soul. Hope that made you laugh :)

Point to note :

  1. AFW3331 due Friday. (extended to Monday)
  2. MGW1100 due Friday. (extended to Thursday)
  3. Send out belated birthday cards. (i’m sorry, will get to it soon!)
  4. Eat Oreo McFlurry.  (yes, it’s a to-do)
  5. Have fun at Homes! (it’s tomorrow!!)

God is SO good to me. Like, i dunno what i did to deserve it, but He is just such an awesome God :)

He ain’t no souvenir alright. He’s real :) *bounces around*

Psst. Enchanted is on right now. True love’s kiss and the likes? Lol. I could use a dosage of ‘fairytales’ right now. Pip, the chipmunk, is hilarious. *laughs*

:: clean & clear ::

My conscience is clear :)

Somehow, that gives me immense pleasure to just…know that. I feel blithe! :)

Things to do :

  1. AFW3331 due Friday. (praying for extension!)
  2. MGW1100 due Friday. (praying for extension!)
  3. Send out belated birthday cards. (i’m sorry, you know who you are)
  4. Eat Oreo McFlurry.  (yes, it’s a to-do)
  5. Have fun at Homes! (i’ve been away for a month!!)

Hehehehehehe. I’m back to being my age :)


Us @ HK. I miss you guys so. Can’t wait to meet up again :)

:: april already? ::

It’s April. Already. First quarter of the year has come and gone. 2 months till i’m done with school for good.

Heading to Penang this weekend. And then i’ll be off to Taiping in the weekend after next. Good Friday and Easter in between. 1 week’s break to catch up on assignments. What am i up to? Check this out!

I’m craving for char kuey teow right now. It’s 12.50am.

I should be worried.

On second thought, I think i’m just hungry.