:: happy bunches ::

This year’s birthday is certainly one to remember! What with it being celebrated every other day BUT my actual birthday, that makes it all the more special! To me, at least :)

Will blog a little more on how turning 27 feels, but BEFORE THAT!

I gotta share these pictures of sweet surprises given by girlfriends. I’m not like..obsessed with flowers but i love fresh flowers just like every other girl. Especially if its in pretty wraps. I mean, who doesn’t like pretty things right? :)


Flowers_4 Flowers_2

Admittedly the bouquets that came were a little smaller than i expected, but still pretty nevertheless! The fact that they came in burlap or hessian cloth as some call them makes them all the more unique. I’ve been calling it ‘guni-wrapping’ but that’s just me. Heh.

I don’t know the ladies behind this brilliant idea but i thought they deserved a plug. Plus, i’m very happy with the flowers i received and i’ve sent some happiness over to different ones on random days! Excited to see their responses! You can check them out here: http://www.happybunch.com.my/happybunch/

RM30 for a happy bunch with free delivery around KL and PJ! An extra RM5 delivery charge for anywhere outside areas stated. NOT BAD RIGHT??!

Wished i came up with the idea first! Lol. So, go out there and make someone’s day! :)