:: so nice ::

I’m liking nights like these :) 

Awesome first night of REVO Conference. Delicious, piping, hot cheese naan from Silva’s with Milo ice. Lovely company. A wake-me-up shower at 1.15am. A little reading of the Word. A little bit of Corrine May. 

Ahhh….so nice ;) 

In the twinkling stars that dance like fireflies
In the blushing fruit that hangs upon the vine
In the face of a baby as he forms his first smile

I see you.

-Love Song for #1-Corrinne May

:: april already? ::

It’s April. Already. First quarter of the year has come and gone. 2 months till i’m done with school for good.

Heading to Penang this weekend. And then i’ll be off to Taiping in the weekend after next. Good Friday and Easter in between. 1 week’s break to catch up on assignments. What am i up to? Check this out!

I’m craving for char kuey teow right now. It’s 12.50am.

I should be worried.

On second thought, I think i’m just hungry.